29,000 Floating Ducks

The Travelling Art Journal Project

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Journal Update

I've been in contact with Al, and just thought i'd let you all know that the Journal is still with him but is set to leave for its long journey to South Carolina shortly. Poor Al has been flat out of late, not helped by my pesky emails to see whats happening! Hopefully if he gets a chance we might even get a sneak peek at what he has added to the book!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Tee shirts

I've been thinking about the suggestion that we have tee shirts, which might be a bit of a problem. But how would it be if we did designs which could be downloaded onto transfer paper and then ironed on to whatever we wanted?

Just a thought!

Cathy xxx

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Thank you Scott!

I have to admit to getting really excited about the post arriving! (One of these days I might grow up, but I doubt it.)

The latest arrival is 'Vitruvian Duck' by Leonardo 'duck' Vinci. I noticed that he does mirror writing just like his human counterpart!

Thanks, too, for the 'Happy spring' card. I wish it would arrive ... I had to scrape the ice off my windscreen again this morning.

All the best,

Cathy xxx

Amost Ready to Fly!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone....I'm almost finished with the atc's...will be mailing them out soon!!!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Another Ducky ATC

Another "ducky" atc landed in my mailbox!!!! Thank-You to Cathy. This is awesome.

Monday, March 20, 2006

ATC's a BIG thank you

Sorry I have been sort of absent lately. But before I go to work I want to also say a great big thank you to Lee and Leeza for the ATC's that have found their way to my mail box. How exciting it was for me to receive my first two. Looking forward to the others and thanks Leeza for the holder. You guys and gals are great! BTW I got my rubber duck and will be meeting up fellow Erie blogger Ron next week. Watch for pics soon to come. ;)

Almost ready...

My ATC's are almost complete and ready to be sent on their way. I am actually just working on the envelopes now and compiling the addresses.
Wont be long now.... :)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Leeza - lovely ATC

Hi Leeza!

What a lovely duck to receive in the post - you should all be receiving mine any day now; I think they prefer swimming to flying, though, so hopefully it won't put too much of a strain on them.

Lots of love,

Cathy (& P) xxx

Saturday, March 18, 2006

on your mark, get set, Go Ducks!

Hi all,

just a quick hello and thanks to Lee and Leezy for the great atc's I received!

Also wanted to share a great duck related event that's been happening in Richmond for the last 16 years, our annual "Duck Race" to benefit Big Brothers and Sisters! Just click on the link to learn more about it, and here's another link, a video showing the 22,000 ducks being dropped in the river to begin their swim! I've never participated in this before but I'll definitely be racing this year!

sorry to be so brief but it's late and work tomorrow!

best to all!


Friday, March 17, 2006

Leeza's ATC !!!!!!

Another "Ducky" atc arrived in my mailbox today!!!! This is from Leeza...Thank-You Leeza!

Lee's atc !!!!!!!

QUACK !!!!! Everyone here is Lee's "ducky" atc....and ducky envelope...Thank-You Lee !

Ducky's arrived!


Thank you so much - your ATC arrived this morning, and it's wonderful!!!

All the best from the residents at Puflet Palace!


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The wings of a duck

Dear Ducky,
The ATCs took flight yesterday. Can't wait for all my new friends to receive them ... I added something extra in their envelopes as a surprise ... sssssh ....
Love R.D

duck mornings

the whole duck project Flickr group got me thinking and that's usually dangerous because obsession is sure to follow....

so this week on my way to work, I've been stopping at some fun places and taking the duck along for company....if y'all are interested I've made a Flickr set of my duck photos and images to date...but here are a few of my favorite shots so far....Columbia SC by the way

a piece of public art by (former local) artist Blue Sky

at the Congaree River that runs through the middle of town

at Findlay Park in downtown

Hope everyone is having a great week....I'm having some laughs :)

Monday, March 13, 2006

so many ducks, so little time!!!

Hello to all!!! I thought I'd create a quacky little mosaic of rubber duck photos I gathered together...how cute are these guys? After searching through hundreds of rubber duck photos, I'm thinking that we may have to paint ourselves a duck...kind of like the cow project in Chicago!!! A rubber duck of any color...or many colors...never fails to make me smile!

Another thing that makes me smile...receiving art in the mail! Thank you Toni for the beautiful ATC...such an exquisite work of art! I am still working on my ATCs...my goal is to get them in the mail by the end of the week!

Dear Ducky ...

Part of my weekend was spent working on art projects with my human. I was excited because she helped me begin working on my ATCs to hopefully send to you in a few days. Here's a couple of shots so far. I cut ducky shapes out of an old book (inspired by my Australian cousins' human) and collaged acrylics, matte medium and gels together on a heavy watercolour paper. I will add some lettering later and glaze with a satin polyeurathane to seal it all up on both sides. I have already had my human cut them and they are looking quite dashing. I hope you like yours when you receive it - soon, I promise. Lots of Love R.D. xxx

Little Duckie Would Like to Say THANK YOU!

I don't mean to disappoint you guys. I do not have any image to offer today. However, two people's mail made my day. This morning before going to work, I found two letters on the table. One is from Kelly. What a lovely ATC! That makes me really ashamed of myself. I think I am going to remake my ATCs. I will take it to the school to show to my kids tomorrow. The other person I would like to thank is Rebekah. I got a postcard filled with words from Australia. I have my postcards prepared too, but to be honest, I've been really busy with an exhibition that will take place in April. I hope you guys won't lose patience with me. Give me some time, and the little ducks from Taiwan will find their way out soon...

Good luck to all the other ducks. I hope you guys are doing as fine as I am:-).

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Duck Says Brrrr....from Snowy California

Hello all you "Ducks" out there....from "sunny"...ooops! I mean "snowy" California! This is what we woke up to this morning! I haven't forgotten the atc's...just been very busy...hope you all have a GREAT Saturday!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Hello our fellow Duckies!

After following Toni's links to this project and seeing that they are looking for photos of rubber ducks all over the world, i had to contact them with a photo and to let them know about our project!
Here is some of the email i sent them:

"What a coincidence! I started a Travelling Journal Project called "29,000 Floating Ducks" named after the story of the shipment of ducks that was washed overboard a ship in the pacific some 11 years ago. Toni Kelly, one of our fabulous participants of our Journal/shared blog project found your site and mentioned to us- I had to have a look!

I thought i would send you the the image i used as the cover to our journal which l started from here in Adelaide South Australia, on to New Jersy and then to Tokyo where it is currently about to depart bound for South Carolina USA. Amongst several other US Cities, the journal is also bound for 2 cities in the UK, Taiwan and Italy. I can invite the participants of our project to send you some pics too if you like, which will give you a few more cities for your map".

Feel free to contact them with your duckie photos- we're getting quite a collection!
catchya all soon....

A must see!

This morning I was reading some blogs and came across this from one of my fellow Erie bloggers.
Check out this photo.

Then I followed the link he provided to this flickr group then on to this web site.

You will see we are not the only ones doing a duck project. They are also selling t-shirts which got me thinking what do you think of a colaborative t-shirt for us?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Dear Ducky ...

I was wondering how my Australian cousins were getting along. I haven't heard from them since they left for Tokyo. I do hope they arrived safely and are having a swimmingly great time. If anyone hears from them, plese send them my love. Lots of Love - R.D xxx

Monday, March 06, 2006

Puflet's ATC's

Yay! Here's the colour version of the Floating Ducks ATC - I'll print them off and send them out to all the addresses I've got, sometime over the next couple of days. I think they'll enjoy their travels!

Lots of love,

CAS & Puflet xxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, March 05, 2006

I couldn't resist!! ;-) I found these at Target for a $1. Even my cat found them interesting. You think they will flip flop me across the Big Pond? Now wouldn't that be a sight.
You guys have a great week. I may not be able to respond to emails and posts next week so will catch up when I can.


I'm really looking forward to receiving my ATC's. In the meantime, I thought I might post my design in case anyone was interested in the process. This is just the start (fitting in as many ducks as I could in the space) which is to draw out the image, and work out the tones, just using cross-hatched biro.

Then I'll use Photoshop to remove the tones so I can work out colour, and then I'll trace the whole thing onto watercolour paper and go through the whole business of putting washes in the background and cross-hatching with the watercolour to get the detail. This looks very drab at the moment, but it won't ... promise!

All the best to everyone!

CAS & Puflet xxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Thank-You Toni

Hi Everyone....I got my great atc yesterday from Toni...THANKS SO MUCH!!!!! It is awesome!