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Friday, March 10, 2006

Hello our fellow Duckies!

After following Toni's links to this project and seeing that they are looking for photos of rubber ducks all over the world, i had to contact them with a photo and to let them know about our project!
Here is some of the email i sent them:

"What a coincidence! I started a Travelling Journal Project called "29,000 Floating Ducks" named after the story of the shipment of ducks that was washed overboard a ship in the pacific some 11 years ago. Toni Kelly, one of our fabulous participants of our Journal/shared blog project found your site and mentioned to us- I had to have a look!

I thought i would send you the the image i used as the cover to our journal which l started from here in Adelaide South Australia, on to New Jersy and then to Tokyo where it is currently about to depart bound for South Carolina USA. Amongst several other US Cities, the journal is also bound for 2 cities in the UK, Taiwan and Italy. I can invite the participants of our project to send you some pics too if you like, which will give you a few more cities for your map".

Feel free to contact them with your duckie photos- we're getting quite a collection!
catchya all soon....


At 12:07 PM, Blogger Lee said...

that's hysterical! I love it


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