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Monday, March 13, 2006

so many ducks, so little time!!!

Hello to all!!! I thought I'd create a quacky little mosaic of rubber duck photos I gathered together...how cute are these guys? After searching through hundreds of rubber duck photos, I'm thinking that we may have to paint ourselves a duck...kind of like the cow project in Chicago!!! A rubber duck of any color...or many colors...never fails to make me smile!

Another thing that makes me smile...receiving art in the mail! Thank you Toni for the beautiful ATC...such an exquisite work of art! I am still working on my ATCs...my goal is to get them in the mail by the end of the week!


At 9:30 PM, Blogger Baskerville Hound said...

Hey Crafty! Great to hear from you!
I like your idea- definately something to try.
Im not aware of the Little Cow Project, so now i have a new site to look up!
Cant wait to see your contribution to the journal once it reaches you.

At 6:40 AM, Blogger Toni said...

Isn't it amazing how many rubber ducks seem to be popping up. Love the college of pics Kelly.
hey Bek that Cow project is not little (Hehe)
We did two projects here in Erie like the Chicago cows only we did fish one year and frogs two years later. I did one of each. That was enough for me.

At 7:48 AM, Blogger vicci said...

I just LOVE all the rubber duckies...who knew that rubber duckies are so popular!!! I guess they just convey such a good feeling...and remind us of "childhood"....

At 11:40 AM, Blogger Alina Chau said...

Sooo CUTE!!

At 11:10 PM, Blogger The Crafty-Girl™ said...

If any of you would like to put the rubber duckie mosaic on your blogs or sites, i'd be happy to give you the link to it...


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